A Risk Worth Taking

February 23, 2017
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A Risk Worth Taking (2005), a beautifully written book by Robin Pilcher, son of the famous author Rosamunde Pilcher. Not following in his mother’s footsteps, but making his own, independent, mighty stride in the world of literature, Robin Pilcher gives us a wonderful story, with wonderful characters.


Sensitively told, this is the story of Dan Porter, a man who recently lost his high-paying job in London. This job loss creates a strain within his shaky marriage, and disrupts the lives of his three children. The two girls are pulled out of their private schools and thrust into public schools. Josh, Dan’s son, a college dropout, is idling his life away. The cushy life had been easy; reality is difficult to deal with.


Dan, at loose ends jobwise — dealing with a dragging depression after watching on TV as the buildings burned on 911 in New York, knowing some of his former co-workers were in the building and slowly getting more and more estranged from his wife – sees an advertisement in a magazine about the sale of a company called Vagabonds, which is located in Scotland. Letting his imagination and eternal hope lead him, Dan hops the train to cold Scotland to see what Vagabonds is all about. The company is already sold Dan, but Dan meets the lovely Katie, the former owner of Vagabonds, and her disabled husband, Patrick. Patrick owns Seascapes, a prawn business.  A good friendship develops between Dan and Patrick; a closeness eventually develops between Katie and Dan. Soon, Dan seems to be spending more and more time with his new friends in Scotland rather than waiting at home in London for his wife’s return from her latest business trip.


Beautiful words to describe the starkness and loveliness that makes Scotland, while at the same time telling us the inner feelings of Dan and his children, a tender drawing together of what was once only an existing family. A truly lovely story.


Robin Pilcher has that distinct genetic imprint for writing, and he uses that talent to write great books.


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