Live Raw By Mimi Kirk
Mimi Kirk / July 5, 2017

  “Even the pages look good enough to eat!” By its size, this is not a book that you can easily carry around with you, as it is larger than an A4, but it is worth buying. If you are thinking about eating more raw foods or going completely raw, then this book will definitely put you on the right track. The pages are as crisp and clear and refreshing as the food recipes themselves that you may find it hard not to want to lick the pages! Mimi’s recipes take the pain out of preparing delicious raw foods. In fact, to look at most of them they do not look raw. Bread from raw products? Yes, she does that too, plus pates, smoothies, soups, cream cheeses, quiches; her list is extensive. She makes her raw foods look so appealing and appetizing that the transition from cooked to raw or partially raw seems a real pleasure to contemplate. Mimi is a classic model for what her book is about. Eating raw certainly can keep those wrinkles at bay, or at least slow them down dramatically. Misty BaileyHey there, my name is Misty and I’m a book blogger 17 years old….