Playing With The Structure

March 19, 2018
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You’ve got a structure and you can play with that structure that’s fine what I’ve got a question here but I’m gonna rephrase it and it is what other tasks are there in the PT that contribute to your writing score summarize written text summarized spoken text write essay is the big one and then you’ve also got reading and writing fill in the blanks is there anything else I think that’s all I think that’s all acaba says should we use a template for retail lecture describe image and summarize spoken text if you become an e2 language member we give you methods for each of those tasks not necessarily templates but we teach you how to answer them correctly to is 200 words enough asked us in yes 201 just to be sure here’s a good question aleem Rodrigues can you make up facts to support your arguments yes.

So when you’re giving your example and you say for example you can make up some statistics you can say for example 99% of people know that something like that that’s fine yeah or as it says in the question prompt you’re you’re using your personal observations and experiences so you don’t you can’t reference a book so you can make up your own uh example for example for example okay people are asking me about paragraph structure can we talk about the merits and the not merits and the altogether no no.

I don’t know about it you but it took me a long long time to work out how to write an essay properly how to structure it well don’t reinvent the wheel use this structure it works it absolutely works we’ve now had hundreds and even thousands of people use e to language and get high a lot of people have got 90s using our methods don’t reinvent the wheel we are the experts we’ve got a team of linguists and teachers and PT experts sitting here working this stuff out so please just use what we teach you here’s a good question Candice college essay help nz can we use British English or American sorry British spelling or American spelling okay the key is to use one choose one and use it and be consistent if you start with American like for example you spell the word color C o L or R but then later on you use a British spelling for I can’t think.

We work exercise is that Abbas in any way then you use a British spelling then your spelling will go down that’s possibly why my spelling went down in the exam so be consistent in short as I am says in the conclusion you must have to make up your mind for one side of the argument yes that final sentence in my opinion I think that side one is the winner or in my opinion I believe inside to correct any more questions euro I tend to agree with you actually most of the people we see have trouble with speaking not really writing but one of why I decided to do this lesson today is because unfortunately we’ve just seen a lot of people get 78 in writing and that sucks really that sucks these people have worked really hard and they’ve gotten 78 their one point off getting their score and they ask us should we reschedule imperson the answer is probably not you know.

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