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April 8, 2018
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We’re going to talk about the things that you’ve been doing recently so we’ll get old go a little faster through these but I think this is good to look very closely and I have a feeling that the school actually put this sop together I’m not sure but you know as something that they want you to okay so if you look at the school’s website they might offer simple papers like this for you so recent activities developments they started off with recently right but here they don’t talk about their activities they talk about developments in the field which is really impressive I think so they say recently a lot of exciting developments have taken place in the field of approximation algorithms. Learn what and how to write in application essay with Robotdon.

So I think they had done from the level recently I’ve been doing a lot of work here talk to instead talking about having a discussion about the interesting and new things in that domain so think about what a professor who has been studying this whatever math first 20 years is more interested in are they more interested in you okay like of the earth that’s cute you’ve done business yeah they want to know that but if you can move that to a discussion about what’s actually happening in the world of whatever you’re interested in that’s that’s high level I think they’ll appreciate they might want to talk to you in class they might want you to be they might want to mentor you if you go if you’re a graduate student there so let’s see so they they do they do move from a discussion about developments in the field to talking about what Stanford has been doing in this field so here they’ve done what they’ve mentioned the renamed specific names of the professors and why the school is important in this for this student for this reason so then they talk about themselves lastly.

Actually I’ve read about these results in the course of my seminar my summer training at the Tata Institute I find it very fascinating and intent to work with problems of a similar similar nature so instead of starting with me and my myself they they talk about the conversation and where they fit into the conversation I think that’s very clever and Stanford probably looks for those clever students let’s just look at the language so the extended focus on interest in connection with this graduate program so here by the first sentence I’m convinced that I should pursue a career in research and teaching you can see just looking through this there’s no more details about courses there’s not really any tech : which that I can see and there’s no professors so there this is where they kind of go into detail about what what they want to do and in very personal things and you don’t have to follow this exact structures paragraph by paragraph.

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