January 5, 2017
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Rebecca, first published in 1938 by author Daphne DuMaurier, became a very highly acclaimed novel over the years. This clever book tells us the story of the “second wife” of Maxim de Winter. Maxim has again married and this time to a younger woman, who is only referred to as Mrs. de Winter throughout the book. The story also tells us the story of the first Mrs. de Winter, Rebecca, who died tragically and under suspicious circumstances. The second wife is a young innocent who is taken to the famous family estate that is called Manderley, which is located in England. There, this poor innocent young girl encounters Rebecca’s ever-faithful servants and various faithful relatives. The life of the new young bride is fraught with anxiety and betrayal. She is told tales of how wonderful Rebecca was, and then she is given a vastly different story by Maxim. Maxim should know the truth, as he was married to the very wonderful Rebecca, shouldn’t he?  When Rebecca’s body is recovered after all those years after her death, many questions arise as to how she died. Was Rebecca killed?


This book is written in the old English style of long, long sentences, some going for a paragraph or more. As well, there are no slap-you-in-the-face facts. You slowly pick up what is really going on through the twining words of DuMaurier that lead you hither and yon until you come to that special climatic conclusion on your own.

Misty Bailey

Hey there, my name is Misty and I’m a book blogger 17 years old. While you may be thinking that most teens would spend most of their time blogging on their day and their life and blah blah blah. Well, I actually want to be some sort of journalist when I get that far and I’d say I’m doing pretty well. I love all things technology, whether it be computers or televisions or whatever.

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