The Language of Flowers

April 17, 2017
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The Language of Flowers (2011), a debut novel by Vanessa Diffenbaugh, is a book full of joy, laughter, sadness and growing. Just think about being tossed out of the system when you are 18 with nowhere to go. What will happen to you? Some of the brightest make it from sheer guts and determination, and that’s what Victoria Jones does; and Diffenbaugh tells us a great tale of the trip that Victoria Jones takes to get where she might belong.


Sleeping in a San Francisco park, Victoria has little to help her, guide her, and relies on one lovely memory during her life in the foster care system in a home where flowers were spoken of with reverence and in the language of flowers. Each flower has a special meaning. The young Victoria remembers those flowers, their connections, and soon grows her own flower garden in the park. Noticed by a local florist, Victoria soon uses her knowledge of flowers to create beautiful flower arrangements, arrangements that have meaning.


We all have choices to make in life. We hope we make the right choice at that given time. Victoria is faced with such a choice as she ponders the memories of her past. We keep our fingers crossed that this admirable character makes the right decision and finds the happiness in life that she is entitled to.


Really liked this book a lot. Very impressed.


Misty Bailey

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