The Lifeboat

June 25, 2017
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The Lifeboat (2012), a harrowing tale by Charlotte Rogan, is a novel of survival on a drifting lifeboat after a luxury liner catches fire and is probably going to sink to the bottom of the ocean floor, and the problems that arise afterwards. What would you do to survive?  This book will most definitely make you seriously ponder that question. Exactly how far would you go to survive to stay alive?

A debut novel by Charlotte Rogan, an outstanding debut novel, tells us the story of Grace Winter and what means she takes to survive on that lifeboat during the summer of 1914. Separated from her new husband, Henry, as she is crammed into the lifeboat, Grace remembers his anguished face as he looked down at her.

Too many people, not enough provisions; of course, some people will die. Fighting ensues among the survivors, with two strong leaders (male and female) leading the charge.

Grace is faced with legal issues once rescue comes. What did Grace do? Why did Grace do it?  This book delves into the deepest part of a person, and the deepest part usually includes a silent voice or action that might not be heard or seen during the norms of everyday living, and that silent voice or action might not be exactly how you think you would react.

Kudos to Rogan for a book that I had a difficult time putting down. Darkness and laughter, soul searching and acceptance issues, all came together to keep me intrigued.

Misty Bailey

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