May 1, 2017
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Victims (2012), the 27th in the Delaware series. Written by Jonathan Kellerman, this is another WOW book from one of my favorite authors. Starring psychologist Alex Delaware, along with his friend and cohort LAPD Detective Milo Sturgis, Kellerman once again gives us a book that we won’t forget for a few scary nights.


Our fabulous crime-solving duo take in the murder scenes, work the cases, and scare us along the way. Kellerman has killer-good writing in all his books. He develops his characters so we either like them or don’t like them, admire them or don’t admire them. He uses excellent, clever plotting and gives us a good dose of the goosies while he’s at it. Kellerman is a master at his craft, and that craft hasn’t lost its acute sharpness as the years have passed. You can pick up one of his older books and see the same great writing that you get in the more recent books.


A horrible murder scene, victim viciously displayed, and one clue, an empty piece of paper except for the question mark on it. The first victim isn’t particularly liked by anyone. More victims fall prey to the same killer, and Milo and Alex work like dogs to catch the killer. Throw in mental health care treatment, a ritzy Beverly Hills therapist, a mental institution, and you are in Alex’s bailiwick, but the murderer/murderers are clever, intense and crazy as loons so Alex and Milo are up against the deepest of evil.


A good ole’ nasty run of murders keep this book jumping all along the way, and you don’t get lost in the telling. You just get scared!  Great book!

Misty Bailey

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