August 24, 2017
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Wingshooters (2011), a riveting book by Nina Revoyr, hits us in the heart with the bigotry found in the small town of Deerhorn, Wisconsin, as it regards a little nine-year-old girl named Michelle. The daughter of a white American dad and a Japanese mother, little Michelle is left to survive in this nasty little town, her parents off living their own lives and abandoning her. Little Michelle ends up living with her paternal grandparents.


Revoyr tells us much of the story from the view of Michelle’s young impression from when she was a child, but is now in her 40s and living in California. A backward glance of a difficult time that leaves the scars for years to come.


Ostracized, with stones thrown at you, hostile looks from adults, name-calling — what a horrible thing for a child to endure. Revoyr does a wonderful job of telling us (from deep within the author’s self perhaps or a darn good imagination) of what that little girl went through. Add in a couple who have recently moved to the city, a black family, and the town simmers with its hate and eventually boils over into the ugliness that is always the result of evil and racial bigotry.


A very well-written book, filled with a dark side of life that we all hope will be stopped in its tracks.

Next book I can propose Physics In Minutes by Giles Sparrow.


Misty Bailey

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